This made my afternoon!

I saw a link to this site called Deadspin this afternoon.  I followed it to read the article entitled “The Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.” I don’t generally classify myself as a hater, but this article gets funnier and funnier, the more you read.  Don’t let your young kids read over your shoulder unless you are working on the proper use of multiple curse words. And, obviously if bad language bothers you, skip this and just think of something funny enough to make you laugh out loud.  The end result will be the same. 

The picture of the chicken coop reminded me of this famous post from The Bloggess. (If you’ve never read it, take the time!)

5 thoughts on “This made my afternoon!

  1. The comments are hysterical, too.

    You KNOW that the only people who buy shit from that catalog are people with names like Bunny, Muffy, and Swifty.

    My grandmother used to get a TON of catalogs, many of them very high-end. We used to sit at her kitchen table and laugh over the 300 dollar salad tongs and 250 dollar ice buckets.

    And once again. I love you, Amy. But I FUCKING HATE the word recognition shit!!!!

  2. I have several urban homesteader friends that started raising chickens this past year and the only use any of them would have for the W-S catalog would be as bedding in their handmade coops. Blow the monthly mortgage on a coop? Bwawk!

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