What IS art?

My mom and I decided late yesterday to attend the Orlando Museum of Art’s Festival of Trees this afternoon.  We have missed the past couple of years and it was was fun to go back.  It was extra fun to simply WATCH the people with little kids and strollers without being part of that group!  I love little kids, but I do NOT miss having them. It is also fun to get a chance to spend time with my mom just by myself. 

My favorite tree this year was not a tree, but Tupperware.  This picture does not do it justice! They had a totally cool 70’s set-up – see the chair in the back?  It was really fun and different.  

I loved a lot of the other trees, but was a little confused by the trend to completely hide the tree.  Why not just get a gigantic tomato cage and decorate that? (And, now that I’ve typed that, why not? You could stick some greenery in to give the illusion of a tree?  I don’t see Mike going for it, but it’s something to consider.) 

On our way out of the museum, my mom and I were both struck by the museum’s most recent acquisition. (There is a MUCH better picture at the link.) I guess it’s effective because I’m still thinking about it.  But,  I don’t know.  The little sign next to it said that the artist hoped to inspire people to think and dream and visualize their lives in different ways. Maybe it’s just me, but a headdress of ugly porcelain birds, Mardi Gras beads and a hot pink Halloween wig is not inspirational to me. The knitted bottom piece? A little more inspirational, but not too much.  I just don’t know.   

9 thoughts on “What IS art?

  1. Oh shit. I just clicked on the link you provided. That moron is being subsidized by taxpayers.

    And they wonder why our country is in trouble.

    Jesus again.

  2. No kidding, Ami. In protest, I think we should take it upon ourselves to create a beautiful pair of hand-knit, tax-free stirrup pants for Dy. She's skinny, shouldn't take long. Dy, act surprised when you open them up Christmas morning and promise to wear them to church? (Maybe buy some tights to wear under in case we drop a stitch or two?)

  3. I looooovvvveeeee the Tupperware tree. The headress is very . . . Interesting.

    I'd like to see a photo of those stirrup pants. Chop chop!

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