pro-cras-ti-nate, v.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We sure did. The sad thing, though, with all the boys home and hungry, we were out of leftovers by midday Friday. Someone send stuffing AND pie! My mom hosted Thanksgiving this year.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love her? It was spectacular! Danny’s long-time friend-that-is-a-girl came along with her family and we had a lot of fun. Danny’s friend-that-is-a-girl is now 21 and I tried very hard not to flip out when she took a small glass of wine with her dinner, but I have to say it was a weird feeling. I think we have known her and her family since she was about 8-9.  (Yes, color me a hypocrite, but things were different when I was 21, right?) Anyway, that was my odd moment of the night.  Should the rest of my life be that easy.  

When we got home, as usual, I was all wound up and everyone else was tired.  I put on the AMC Godfather marathon (just 1 & 2, the only ones that count, thank you very much).  Nothing spells holiday like the Godfather movies.  Or not.  But,  I love those movies, violent and sad as they are, they are really of amazingly well done, cast well and, I dunno, I really like both movies.  I had a stack of Goodwill ornaments and some BOGO from the Family Dollar store and I proceeded to make a wreath that I have wanted to make for years and years. Never mind that the wreath demands a far bigger fancier house than ours. Never mind that I’m still working on a Nano novel.  I put the wreath on the top of my list.  You can see the picture. I like it.  It’s kind of silly on our front door, but it makes me smile.

Dan was home and I spent a lot of time talking with him and catching up. ::::sniff:::: He’s a real grownup for the most part and I am proud of that, but it’s a strange feeling to know that one of your kids will never really live with you again.  He left Friday night as he had tickets to the Florida/Florida State game. If you like football and get free/nearly free student tickets, you’re an idiot to pass up this game. (I used to sell mine lol.) Funny how my angst eased up a bit when the Gators won tonight.  (sorry, Dan)

Friday night, after Dan left, I contemplated more ways to avoid writing this novel. I put on my hat and fuzzy socks and finished up the laundry.  I dragged all the Christmas stuff that does not go on the tree into the house and circled it and studied it.  Eventually, I decided three giant storage cartons of junk wasn’t enough and pulled out some blank canvases I had picked up at Goodwill about a year ago and made these.  They look better in a whole room than they do from far away.  

On the wall adjacent, I hung cards that have been created by family and friends over the years.  I love how they look and wish I had started saving some of them years and years earlier. I am lucky to know talented people.  I’m even related to a couple of them.  

Tonight? Still no Christmas decorations moving around the house.  I thought about it, though.  Then, I sat down and took a bunch of old t-shirts given to me by a neighbor and made tshirt yarn.  Lots and lots of tshirt yarn.  As I made the yarn, I told myself that I write better if I have something to knit.  Strangely, this is true. There is something about knitting that kind of lets your brain float for a while – especially if you knit like I do with no pattern or project in mind.  I just like the repetition and clicking.   I’m good for a good long time with all of this. 

And, now, it’s my last night of no schedule. It’s late, but Mike will be up in the morning and he knows I’m planning to stay up late, late, late.  I’m going back to the novel.  I think I can finish, but I’ve reached the point where I might have to bring in zombies or something to finish it all.  Don’t judge.  

Hope all is well on your planet. 

5 thoughts on “pro-cras-ti-nate, v.

  1. I LOVE all of your Christmas crafts. I am SO NOT crafty or artistic in any way. You need to start some online crafting classes for those who are less . . . able.

  2. OMG Am, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that wreath!! Will you please come over & make one with/for me? I have like zip for Christmas decorations & this neighborhood is all beautiful & perfectly decorated. I have this enormous shelf under an equally enormous window above the front door and I need something amazing to go in it !! What time will you be here ?? I'll hurry &I get all of the diet coke you could ever drink !!

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