Score one for WalMart.

I went to the grocery store this evening. I don’t mind grocery shopping nearly as much as I used to when I had to take kids along with me. Alone, I can manage to stick to a list and sneak in a candy bar as well. I went out to the truck, loaded my groceries and climbed in.  I had a candy bar, the store’s sale flyer for next week and no rush to be home, so I sat and read the flyer and ate my candy bar in peace.  It’s the little things sometimes.  

As I turned the car on, a minivan pulled up next to me.  I could see kids in the van so  I figured I would wait to back out until that family had unloaded.  Little kids in parking lots are nightmares.  The mom got out of the car, talking on her cell phone and I saw her grab two kids from the passenger side of the van. I started to put the car in reverse and I notice the two little girls up on the sidewalk thing in front of me and put it back in park. The mom is still on her phone and walking around the van to the store! She did not even know the girls were there.  Finally, she noticed she did not have her kids and, still on the phone, she came back screaming at them to follow her and they did.  

Again, I put the truck in reverse making sure the little group was well on their way into the store.  I start backing out when out of the corner of my eye, I notice the van door sliding open.  There was another little girl in the van on the driver’s side.  She hopped out.  If I had moved my truck I would have crushed her little foot.  I put the truck in park, opened my window and told the girl not to move.  I figured I could walk her into the store to meet her mother.  

Just then, the mom comes rushing back, screaming and cursing at ME!!!!! Was I trying to kill her daughter? What the F*** was wrong with me? Mind you, her cell phone was still in her hand and still lit.  I imagine this woman is someone very, very important if she has to finish whatever conversation she’s having.  I just stared at her.  She actually hit and then kicked my car as she was dragging the third child into the store.  Lord knows where the other two were.  

The whole thing was so ugly.  No doubt this woman was stressed out.  Grocery shopping with three short people is not fun by any definition. But, for heaven sakes, put your phone down for the five minutes it might take to get safely to the store with all three kids in your sight.  Gah!  

I still had to go to WalMart.  :::sigh::: It was a quick, uneventful trip and I was kind of shaken still by the grocery store thing.  In the check out line, I had the nicest cashier.  Somehow we ended up talking about Charlie Brown and being “sore afraid.”  It was a strange but pleasant exchange.  As I was leaving the cashier said, “Have a lovely night, beautiful lady.”  It nearly made me cry.  What a nice thing to say.  

So, I guess it all evened out. Score one for WalMart this time.

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