Thursday was a fun day. School went smoothly with Andy. There was nothing complicated about Ian and Tim’s work or lives that involved me driving all over town. I went to Aldi’s and picked up this Charlie Brown Christmas tree for $7.99.  It’s living on my desk right now and it makes me smile. I stayed up super late Thursday night and went to bed assured that I had passed 50,000 words on my terrible novel. By Thursday, it was all about hitting 50,000 words,  I don’t think this particular effort is savable in terms of being something worth reading.  But, there is so much to be learned trying to write so quickly in such a short period of time and I don’t regret doing any of the Nano challenges.

Woke up Friday am and tried to validate my novel on the official Nano Website. It’s kind of dumb really.  I know I wrote the words.  I know I made the effort.  But, getting the little winner’s logo is a bonus. The novel would NOT validate.  By around 5:00 pm, it was showing I still had 3500 words to write. I can write fast, but that’s a lot. Word counters on various programs can be different and, in the past, I always have tried to allow for a nice cushion.  This year was close and it was looking like I was screwed.

Poor Mike called on his way home only to get me nearly in tears and whining – no, I don’t think sleep deprivation had a thing to do with my mood.  I love Mike.  He listened.  He did not try to fix it.  He came home with these beautiful flowers and a plan for dinner that did not involve me. The flowers are extra awesome. My favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life” and there’s a funny moment where a character is stuck in the hydrangea bushes. This bunch of flowers has two huge hydrangea “pods.” For all the times Mike doesn’t get me, when he does, he really gets me. I am very lucky in the husband department.

Around 11:57, after writing another 2000 words and finding another way to upload the novel, I WON!  I got my little logo – see it? Bask in it, if you like.  And now, I can resume my normally scheduled life.  Whew!

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