Oops . . .

Mike was all pumped up about being able to change his debit card to one with the Solar Bears logo. At no charge, no less.  I had instructions to call him as soon as the new card arrived.  (You have to understand, this is a guy that grew up in Buffalo where winter sports were everything! The Solar Bears – a hockey team – are HUGE for him – and we can even afford for Mike and Andy to go see a game every now and then.)   Well, yesterday, an envelope, addressed to Mike arrived.  It felt like a debit card so I called to let him know it was here.

You’ve never seen someone so happy to get home from work.  He tore open the envelope while asking me where the scissors were to cut up is old card.  Ugh. You’ve never felt a silence like this – a man opening his first card offering him AARP benefits.  Bummer is one way to put it.  I gave him the scissors, and after I took this picture, we hacked up the card, you know, because we’re never getting old.  

The real Solar Bear card arrived today, not too much fanfare, though. 

Tonight we’ll be having a small, last-minute party to celebrate Mike’s 50th! If you’re in town, call and come on over,  or if you’re in the mood, raise a glass to the best man I’ve ever known. 

One thought on “Oops . . .

  1. Those fucking AARP people won't leave me alone. I turned 50 a couple years ago and they've been bugging me ever since. Assholes.

    I use the cards at work, though, the kids use them like a credit card with the cash register we have.

    Maybe you could buy Mike a cash register!!

    Happy birthday to Mike, I know we share the same birthday except I am way damn older.:)

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