My very favorite Christmas present!

The older I get, the less I care about actual gifts. Now, I really love having everyone home and seeing the boys have so much fun together.  One thing they’ve been doing the past five or so years is going out the week before Christmas and doing their shopping.  They draw names from a hat so each brother is only looking for a gift for one brother. (I’m so glad they started this. It will make life much more affordable as they get older and start having families.) 

This year, the boys headed out together as always.  They even left me a car.  Sadly, they took all of the keys to that car with them, so I was housebound.  Oh well.  They came home laughing like crazy and waving a Gymboree bag in my face.  I could not imagine what they could possibly get for me at Gymboree.  See picture.  What a total hoot.  

They framed 8 x 10’s for me and my mom.  Best Christmas gift ever.

5 thoughts on “My very favorite Christmas present!

  1. Man. Danny's Mike Jr, Ian's your brother Jr. and Tim's all you. Not sure on Andy though. I see more you than Mike in Andy.

    Wonderful present.

  2. Ami – bite your tongue, those are my babies. They're still babies.

    Kaaren, you definitely got the boys' faces right. Andy looks much more like me than Mike. He looks the most like Tim, so we'll see what happens.

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