PMS House 2013

This getting older gig sucks for so many reasons.  Right now, I have to say the insane mood swings are the worst of it. One minute, I’m rolling along just fine.  The next minute, I find myself seriously considering ramming an old person with a shopping cart.  It’s not good particularly because I will soon be an old person so it’s like attacking one of my own.  As most of this raging takes place in my head, I don’t think it’s worth medication, but it’s strange.

At home, I’m taking steps to alleviate the things that make me most crazy – short of selling my family on Ebay. I made the slipcovers for the ugly furniture, but: 1) the furniture is not really the best for slipcovers – leather, no loose cushions and 2) I live with pigs.  I mean that in the kindest way, but, come on, how often can a person wash slipcovers???  I refuse to do it every single day, but to keep these suckers clean, that’s what I would have to do. (Yes, I could dye them, but it’s too late now I know how gross they are after each and every day.) 

I think I am sick of fighting this up hill battle. Five men and me.  I care what the house looks like. They just want to be able to sit and watch Mythbusters, football and the Food Network.  Given this and the fact that Mike just doesn’t catch on too quickly sometimes to my moods or my urge to have a decent looking house – not fancy, just not locker room – is all I want.  I think I’m just going to relinquish the living room.  Never mind that it’s the first thing people see when they come into the house. I’m just tired of fighting the tide here. I’ve done what I can.  I’ve tried what can be tried. I hate to say it, but I give. Nineteen years of racing up hill one step forward and two steps back and I admit defeat.

I’ll keep the kitchen (sort of) and my tiny, sort-of office.  The rest? I just give up. Clean-ish is the best I can hope for right now.  There is no budget for new floors or furniture right now or in the near future (Anyone else been paid lately? Look for a big new chunk to come out of your check in payroll taxes! Glad I didn’t make plans for all of that ‘extra’ money and I appreciate the warning that it was coming from my representatives, so called, or maybe just the media). I’m just going to stop thinking about it and work on what I can control for now.

Luckily, I hid a big piece of the boys’ birthday cake in the back of the fridge. I think that might get me through this new mood. 
If not, you’ll probably see me on the news over the next few nights, I’m going to have to go grocery shopping and I’m pretty sure they’ll let me have a cart.  

One thought on “PMS House 2013

  1. Amy. Going to email you privately here in a few.
    I understand everything you said here. Agree with a large percentage of it except that I am usually half past give a shit with the housecleaning. I just don't have the energy to care sometimes.


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