Near the end of vacation!

I tend to follow the public school’s lead on vacations – it’s pointless to try and do school on random days where all of Andy’s friends are loose and having fun climbing trees and running wild.  (Not to mention, it’s not too much longer that this will not be considered the height of fun for all of them.  ::::sniff:::: )  I generally stuff in extra stuff during our school days so that we’re still free to take off if a great beach day comes along or something like that. Tomorrow is our last day of vacation.  Then it’s back to real clothes, Latin, grammar and history and all the rest of the fun stuff.

Andy and I both miss the routine, but we also both love to sleep in, lounge around in our pj’s reading and snacking and doing nothing too.  I’m trying to brace myself. I know Andy had a blast over the vacation with Dan, Ian and Tim home and willing to include him on many of their weird outings. The day after Christmas, Dan, Tim, Ian and Andy went to the UCF campus around 9:30 pm and spent several hours using their long board skateboards in the parking garage. Ian was there to take pictures – need to get one or two from him. They came home laughing, soaking wet (it was raining) and starving. I’m willing to let Andy out at all sorts of hours to spend time with his brothers while they’re around on a regular basis. It’s not the schedule of your average 12 year old, but, Andy’s not your average 12 year old (at least in my mind). And, it won’t be too long until all of the older boys are who knows where doing who knows what?!

 I think I’ve finished everything I wanted to over this break. Got a bunch of reading in – I’m currently reading Wheat Belly on my Nook, it’s fascinating and kind of freaking me out. It’s definitely a lot to think about.  Drawers and cabinets are cleaned and restocked, sort of. Freezer inventoried. Garage sorted and semi-cleaned out. You know, the stuff that movie stars do on their Christmas breaks? That’s what I have been doing.  When I have good light, I’ll post pictures of the newly painted, new washing machine. It’s ridiculous, but it now matches the dryer and it makes me smile.

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