What next?

Andy mentioned the other day that his shoes felt small.  I laughed. I could waterski with those sneakers. I felt his foot and sure enough, the shoes were too small.  We went out tonight in search of shoes.  In a size 13!!!!  We went to four stores.  Why are all the big sizes so ugly? And shiny? And big? (Those are Andy’s new shoes next to my shoes – the shoes I keep to wear with super-thick socks no less – why yes, I am a fashionista)

Andy is still 12 – for 10 more days, anyway.  He does not appear to be near done growing.   In the Shoe Carnival store this evening, Andy was sitting next to a young man (maybe 25-30) who was easily 6’5″ who was trying on the same shoe as Andy in a size 11!!!!!  The young man’s girlfriend thought it was a riot that Andy’s feet were so big.  Andy, er, not so much. He’s a pretty poised kid for 12, but no boy likes to have the totally cute girlfriend of the giant man sitting next to him commenting on your feet. Silly woman.

Where do you get shoes when you pass a size 13 Men’s? Really.  If you know, please share.

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