Breathe easy . . .

I finally have pictures of how I painted my new washer to match the older dryer.  Mike is still recovering from the fact that I painted a brand new washing machine.  He’s also still recovering from seeing Bob Seegar this spring and learning that, yes, even Bob is getting old.  Anyway, the machine may be new, but it’s here until we kill it and it might as well make me happy and match the dryer.  

Here is the top (we skipped buying a front loader this time, I was NOT impressed by our last experience):

Here is the front: 

Get it?  Dropping pants?  Don’t worry if you didn’t, no one here did either.  :::sigh::::  Cracks me up though.

And, because you’re dying to see them side-by-side, here are the front of the washer and dryer.  I really need to get a life.  Until then, you’ll all have to live with this.

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