Miscellaneous ranting . . .

The person who invented popcorn ceilings is probably a nice guy who had no idea the havoc he was wreaking on poor homeowners decades beyond his idea. Worse, he probably made a ton of money and doesn’t care what I think thirty years after the fact. Popcorn ceilings are evil and I’ve spent the past two nights scraping the ceiling of Andy’s bedroom.  (That’s all the rooms, minus a small hallway and our bedroom – next on my list.) 

Andy, Dan and I talked over Christmas break and Dan agreed that it is unlikely he will ever be home again for a long stretch of time (sniff).  It’s Andy’s room now.  Andy will be the only brother to have his OWN room – ever.  We’ve begun the process and, like every other thing we start, it’s bigger than we thought.  BUT the ceiling is scraped and ready for paint. After that, it’s just fun stuff.

We found this cool loft bed – the link has better pictures.  Mike will be building it soon, just one and no ropes.  Andy picked a paint color he loves and I’ll be starting that soon. Funny thing,  I was wearing one of my pairs of painting overalls (yes, I have more than one and they’re all a mess) when Andy and I went paint shopping.  I bought Andy a drink after shopping (believe it or not he was not thrilled to be dragged to look at paint).  As we stood in line to pay for our drinks, the man behind me tapped my shoulder and said, “Looks like you like to paint.”  I agreed.  He continued, “I have a whole house that needs painting.”  I turned around to face him and said, “I’ll paint it for nothing if I can pick the colors.”  I let him look at my overalls for a minute.  He laughed and declined my offer.  Bummer, bet I could have cheered his house up quite a bit.  

Tonight, Andy and I both noticed that his closet doors look a lot like the front of the Tardis from Dr. Who.  Stay tuned to see what happens – I’m still trying to work it out in my head.  But, the craziest thing is, this TINY bedroom now seems huge.  With ONE bed and having that off of the floor, Andy and I are a little confused.  HUH?  The closet it empty and Andy really has very little “stuff.”  

In fact, none of the boys have much “stuff.”  We’re weird.  We’ve never allowed the boys to have televisions or computers in their bedrooms while they were growing up – we don’t have them in our bedroom either (though, I confess, I love to sleep with tv noise in the background).  No video games either.  Sure, it’s inconvenient to have all of that stuff in the middle of your house, but at least we could keep track of what was going on and what they were all doing for the most part.  Andy has never known anything different.  Now, he’s staring at me with an expression that says, “What the heck am I supposed to do with one less person, one less person’s stuff, a bed up in the air and a big empty floor?”  I dunno either, but I imagine he’ll figure it out.  Right?

It’s such a strange feeling after so many, many years trying to figure out how to fit everyone and everything into this house to “suddenly” have it emptying out and finding all kinds of new space.  We have no clue what to do with ourselves.  It’ll still be at least six months until Ian or Tim are ready to leave, but they’ve mastered the art of containing their stuff and paring it down to the essentials.  Strange new territory we are invading.

3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous ranting . . .

  1. T just moved to his own room too. So technically both my kids have their own space now. Weird I hadn't thought of it that way. A few more weeks and we'll have all the extra stuff we'd crammed in to T's room out. Empty space = storage here. And we are practically pack rats. How fun for Andy though to pick paint and such!

  2. Thanks, Obi-Mom. After all my time spent at paint counters, though, I'm convinced most of the world agonizes over the right shade of beige. This guy was funny, though. He laughed and said he did not see his wife going for all that color.

    Bobbi – it's weird, isn't it the way things move and change?

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