Long time no see! Long, randomly punctuated post.

 Sorry to be gone so long. I’ve been working on finishing up Andy’s room.  I’ll try to have pictures of that tomorrow.  It looks really cool.  Who knew? These bedrooms are surprisingly large if you only have one kid living in them.  The bed Mike and Andy built is very cool.  Andy, in the end, decided he did not want me to paint his closet like a Tardis.  (I’m still bummed, but I think I have him convinced to let me do the light switch covers.)  The picture is the base of Andy’s bed.

We have been struggling with school and the fact that Andy is a typical 13-year-old boy.  (Read:  future Walmart greeter)  School has been taking FOREVER.  I know it won’t last, but sheesh, I had forgotten how painful it can be.  

On Friday, I got a chance to have a car for the afternoon.  It’s not that I’m dying to go all kinds of places, but sometimes it’s nice to know you have an escape.  I dropped Ian at work and headed for the grocery store.  But, you know what?  It was nearly 80 and breezy and sunny and I skipped food and went to my favorite nursery (the garden kind, I did not have enough money to go buy a baby).  

I was home before lunch and Tim had worked with Andy through the worst bits of math and Latin. I flipped off my shoes, pulled on my overalls and headed out to plant the garden.  I’ve been getting anxious about letting it go so long (remember it starts getting hot here by April and the big growing season is just about done by the end of June).  I decided to re-listen to an an audiobook (The Passage) since I have recently listened to the second part of the series (The Twelve) and now I have all kinds of theories about what might be in the third book.  (If you’ve read these books and want to talk about them, email me! all 4 mine @ bell south . net)

I managed to get the garden planted. Go ahead, flip me a fish!  I kept things simple this year.  Last year, I had a big fancy garden planted and it was all washed away by unrelenting rain. Days and days of rain. It was heartbreaking to have to buy grocery store tomatoes in April and May.  This year, I stuck to basics.  Tomatoes, tomatillos, a couple of kinds of peppers, canteloupe, spaghetti squash, peas, beans, zucchini, and cucumbers.  I’ve had success with those in the past and by limiting what I’m planting (Mike is still resisting letting me plow up the front yard) I should be able to freeze/can enough to last us through the fall.  Cross your fingers! (Yes, the dirt in the picture looks sad now, but it will start greening up soon.)

And, because I was kind of hyper on Friday, I could not resist spray painting all of the old garden stakes and poles yellow, pink and orange.  One, if I have to be out there weeding, I might as well smile.  Two, the petty part of me loves that our mean neighbor will see the bright colors every time she pulls into her sad, beige driveway.  Friday night, I painted some cast off blocks of wood (seriously, it’s scary how many paint samples and how much paint I have picked up) to make garden markers.  They’re cheerful and kind of fun and they won’t get lost when things start to really grow.  

Why so hyper, you ask? Well, because Mike accepted an invitation to dinner from a man he works out with, and has forever, every morning at the Y.  Ummm, hello, Mike????  Meeting totally new people completely stresses me out.  I cannot even explain how weird I get.  I don’t know what I think is going to happen, but I get to near panic at the thought of things like this.  It’s stoopid.  I trust Mike’s judgement of people.  In fact I trust his judgement better than my own.  I knew he would not drag me to a place with scary weird people.  But, still I worried and fretted more and more as we closed in on Saturday night.  

Fortunately I was so sore on Saturday from putting in the garden that I could not start anything crazy.  Mike convinced me that overalls would probably not make the best first impression and I got dressed and we drove to this couple’s house.  Go figure!  I loved them.  I have not met such nice, interesting, funny people in a long time.  They are both from Nigeria and we had Nigerian food for dinner – delicious!  Their house if full of art and crazy things like a cobra rug and a leopard skin and I am pretty sure there was a crocodile skin on one of the chairs.  We laughed and talked and talked like we’d known each other for a long time. And, they gave me a mug of the best tea ever – just plain black tea, but it was not like any I have in my house – after dinner.  I need to find out what it was.

So, once again Mike proved me to be a goober.  I worry and worry and it’s all fine.  It was fun to meet people who have kids that are similar in age to ours.  It was fun to meet people who genuinely like each other and their lives.  I plan on inviting them to our house.  But, since Mike and I are not from anywhere exotic or interesting, I think we might have to just make some good old Buffalo and/or Pittsburgh food for them.  Everyone likes peirogies, right? Someday, I’ll stop being so worried about meeting new people, right?

Today, we  made progress too!  I convinced Mike to dig out a small portion of the front yard for me to use as an herb garden.  I got the herbs planted and made funky little markers for them too.  Who knows, maybe in the fall, I can carve out another section of stooped grass to use for pretty food?  

Oh yeah, and someone should flip me a fish for meeting new people and not saying or doing anything completely stoopid.  This is progress. 

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