I don’t know what it is about February, but I always seem to turn lethargic and unmotivated around mid month. For the past 12 years, each February has found me thinking about putting the boys back into school and getting a nice job where I don’t make anyone cry.  This feeling goes away by March -weird, huh?. If I have to go get a real job, I want to be able to make people cry. Doh!

February 2013 has proved no different.  Even though the oldest three are on their own education-wise, Andy’s school is proving to be a lot more challenging than I thought it would. I attribute a lot of this to his age AND my age. In fact, I think my age is more of a factor than his. The late 40’s are not as pretty as I had hoped they would be. One of us always has a giant pimple or is on the verge of tears.  It’s not pretty.  The healing properties of chocolate will never cease to amaze me (or Andy).  

This week started with a freeze.  Of course, I’d planted the garden the previous weekend.  :::sigh::: It seems to have survived.  The weeds are certainly vigorous and alive.  They are also dead as of this afternoon. Hah! I win for the next two days.  After a stand-offish Monday and Tuesday, Andy finally fell to the virus all of his friends have had recently. I knew it was coming! He was mean and grumpy and his eyes didn’t seem right. 

The virus involves a high fever and a nasty cough for about (cross your fingers) five days.  Andy is into day three.  He’s so sad and little (except for his freakishly large feet which just look pasty white and a little scary) when he’s sick. I’m taking care of him. But, I’ve also been kind of gleeful these past few days.  I guess it’s the mom equivalent of a snow day.  At 13, Andy does not need me every single minute of the day.  He mostly wants me to leave him alone so he can sleep. Anyone remember E tickets at Disney World? The ones that used to get you on the best rides?  It’s kind of like that except I do hate that Andy is so miserable.

BUT, (let’s get back to me, shall we?) I don’t have to do math or Latin or grammar or anything.  I’ve had the time to take Ian and/or Tim to work which leaves me with *gasp* a car!  As Andy has been mostly sleeping, I have been able to drive one or both older boys to work and go do things I’ve needed/wanted to do all semester.  I finally found the AMAZING primer I’d been reading about as I researched the best way to paint the fronts of our aging, inexpensive IKEA cabinets in the kitchen. Andy slept some more and I tested the primer.  WOW!  This is the stuff to use if you want to paint a shiny surface or laminate furniture.  It’s all I was led to believe it was.  Our cabinets have a shiny surface and the primer adheres to it (so far) and the paint goes on beautifully and even when I try to chip it, it does not chip.  I’ll try to get some before and after pictures – it’s pretty dramatic.  

In other news, I found a great online tutorial on how to crochet.  So far, I can crochet a single strip (which I think I could do back in the fourth grade, but I’m not entirely certain). Additionally, I found a great online tutorial (yes, I will link these both when I find them again) on how to make t-shirt yarn. I have watched several of these videos and this guy made it so easy and fast!  Then I hit the thrift store and picked up a stack of t-shirts with the 1/2-off color tag and came home and made t-shirt yarn.  I’m crocheting it now into a rug.  I think next time I might give more thought to color as the pink in the middle brings to mind a giant nipple . . . but live and learn.  I’ve been learning a lot as I work on this project.  If you know me, be afraid, it’s likely you’ll end up with a funky t-shirt rug in the near future.

(I do have pictures of all of this, but the stoopid camera battery died so it will be another day.  I swear, when I’m a real grown up I’m going to have a real grown up camera that takes pretty pictures and works when I want it to work.)

One more weird bit of life in Florida: it was below freezing on Monday and Tuesday.  Today, Friday, it was 86.  The Pittsburgher in me will fight to the death before putting the a/c on in February.  It’s all so confusing.

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