No One Mourns the Wicked?

Well, I do! I mourn that the “Wicked” is over. My Christmas gift from my parents was a ticket to see Wicked (with my awesome mom).  We went this afternoon.  I’ve loved the soundtrack of Wicked for years and years and wondered if the show would live up to what was in my head.  It did!!!!!  It was so beautiful and fun and perfect.  The actors voices were not the same as my well-worn CD, but they were wonderful and the orchestra did an amazing job supporting them.  ::::sigh:::: I cannot remember the last time I was so mesmerized.  

The sets were simple and amazing at the same time.  But, what I kept coming back to was the fact that the two lead actresses could even breathe.  They just sang and sang and sang and all of the songs were big songs.  It was simply amazing to watch them. I cannot imagine singing even one note on key on purpose, much less what they did!  The dancers were also spectacular. Oh hell, it was all amazing.  I have also decided that designing sets would be the most awesome job in the world. 

I’ve already alerted Mike to the fact that we will forgo food or whatever next time Wicked comes through Orlando.  There’s no way I could miss it.  

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