I do not consider my family to be that unusual. We just do our thing and, mostly, it’s all good. It’s not something I think about on a day-to-day basis. I’m not your run-of-the-mill neighbor, but I’m not terribly scary or anything. I don’t get the feeling from most of our friends that they think we’re that unusual either.  

So, I guess encountering a new person this weekend I was taken aback by their various comments.  This was at an impromptu neighborhood thing and I was wearing my sloppy overalls that I always wear for painting topped by a big fluffy sweatshirt and my fuzzy blue Cookie Monster slippers – it was really cold this weekend.  I dunno, my neighbors know me – they know I can wear grown up clothes just fine.  They also know that I’m a slob if I don’t have to be anywhere.

This person, however, could not get over the fact that my “husband let me out of the house in that outfit!” Mike was right there next to me, he just kicked my leg – his signal for me to shut up. Honestly, Mike and I joke about how if I went suddenly missing neither he nor the boys would be able to tell the police what I was wearing when I went missing.  They simply do NOT care.  Even if Mike did care, I would never ask for ‘permission’ to wear something anywhere.  GAH.  I’m not the queen of style, but Mike, for sure, is not the king.  Left to him, I’d be wearing cut off t-shirts and Daisy-Duke shorts.  Classy, huh?  I love that Mike thinks I would look good in that kind of outfit, but Mike is also in dire need of a visit to the eye doctor.  Neither of us is handling getting old well.

There were a lot of interesting discussions about all kind of things. Overall it was a fun night. And, still, at the end of the night, this person insisted on taking my picture as we left. I despise having my picture taken – ever -even by my own mom.   I’m sure I’m up for ridicule on their Facebook page or something.  It’s weird and I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much.  But it is. Yes, I was wearing an outfit for the ages.  But, to be openly mocked? I guess I just got my feelings hurt. There’s plenty to dislike about me, but I never really thought that how I dressed was one of them. 

Oh well.  The rest of the weekend was great.  The kitchen cabinets are all painted and rehung (pictures coming) and they look brand new.  You have no idea how insanely happy this makes me. I had Mike drag the white stove outside so I could paint it to match the black fridge and black dishwasher.  I found spray paint that is heat-resistant to 1200 degrees.  Though the stove is not that old (3 years, I think), it’s gross and as I disassembled it for painting, I can see how it is not made to last the 20 years our moms used to get out of their stoves – grrrrrr.  Part of the problem here is too many people cooking all day, everyday.  Here are some pictures of the first coat of paint.  It’s done now (again, more pics tomorrow) and I think even the first coat shows the difference.

Once the dark and humidity set in every night, I moved back to the kitchen to work on my t-shirt rug.  I redesigned it, although redesign is a strong word in that it implies I have a plan.  Anyway, I laid it out tonight to see where I was size-wise.  I’m pleased with it.  Now, if someone could please send me about 40-60 more t-shirts, I could finish.  

(I lied.  My stoopid camera’s battery is dead and I cannot upload the pictures.  I will put them in around lunch time tomorrow.)

4 thoughts on “Normal?

  1. (((Amy))) What an extraordinarily rude person! I'm certainly no fashion plate, but I can usually tell when someone else's outfit is “interesting,” and I might giggle to myself, but I would never, ever dream of treating someone that way. Now, if my mom or my sister showed up in their Cookie Monster slippers, I would laugh WITH them, but not make them feel badly. I believe that person has lost the clutch between their brain and their tongue (my father often tells me I have the same problem which is why I am qualified to recognize the signs). If I had been there, I probably would have smacked them, at least verbally, and been quite tempted to kick them in the knee. Pfft. If I ever find Cookie Monster slippers, I will buy some. Who wouldn't love Cookie Monster slippers?

  2. I'd like to think her comments were based on pure jealousy — she was wishing SHE'D worn her fuzzy slippers. And she was taking the photo for her personal book of dreams she hopes to someday attain.

    I probably think that because if I'd dressed up at all (which for me involves actually putting on shoes and making sure my clothing is right side out) I would've been peeved to discover I didn't have to bother.

  3. What an awful person. I wish I had Cookie Monster slippers! They would go Perfectly with what I'm wearing right now, and with what I wear most days. And, like Mike, Ed has no idea that his 47 year old wife no longer looks good in things short and tight, God bless him! Really, though, I don't think anyone would behave that way to a new acquaintance unless her medications were out of whack — that is just too strange.

    I look forward to the pictures of your home improvements!

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