3 thoughts on “Rug

  1. So far I've used about 50 t-shirts (donations from neighbors, the boys cleaned their closets and I cleaned mine and Mike's closet). Tonight I picked up a few cotton t-shirt dresses and about 15 more t's at goodwill for about $9. I'll probably do that again at least 2 more times.

    Sabrina, I used this tutorial to cut the t-shirts and make them into yarn. http://www.relevedesign.com/how-to-cut-continuous-t-shirt-yarn/ You can get quite a nice ball of yarn from one t-shirt. Then, I just crocheted a long string of the t-shirt yarn, joining the balls with so specific colors in mind (next time I think I'll plan better). What is there now is just the loose thread laid out on the floor. I'll stitch the rows together with upholstery thread when I finally get it to the size I want.

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