Reason # 8054 . . .

that Andy will likely be homeschooled for the rest of his K-12 life.  

He’s passed weird into “the zone.”  I’m sure if I sent him over to the local school, they’d send him right back with a polite, “No thanks.” 

I used to think having three kids in middle school was what made me so stressed. I was wrong. At least with three in the same grades, the odds were in my favor that ONE of them would get it. Now, it’s just Andy. And, when he doesn’t get it – he REALLY doesn’t get it. My hair will be white before we get through next year. I know the stoopid will end, but that’s not helping as much as I thought it would.

However, Andy is not totally stupid, he understood the Latin when I turned on the new pope this afternoon.  (That was kind of exciting, wasn’t it? We’re Catholic, so maybe it’s not for everyone, but it’s all so interesting to me.)  But, Andy getting the Latin – that was kind of huge after our disastrous math episode an hour earlier. I am going to cling to that moment.

In a not so proud moment, Andy came in to dinner tonight carrying a hip-high garden stake under each hand, leaning on the flat tops and asked us to guess who he was. Think. Give up? I did. FDR. This child is so so so weird. 

I guess today was “president’s” day. On the way to the vet, I had Andy come to hold onto Cally because she’s not a traveling dog. Andy turned her face to me and pulled her ears straight up in the air and said, “Look, I’m LBJ.” I had no clue.(see picture)  

I have no idea where he gets this stuff.  At least he’s interesting, right?

2 thoughts on “Reason # 8054 . . .

  1. American History this year? Just a guess. Your encouragement to hang in there through the “stoopid” days of pre-teen and early teen years is very reassuring here, and I think on it often. Plenty of healthy snacks and more sleep is bringing improvement here. They're like big 2 yos. eating and sleeping all the time, but no one asks a 2 yo. to find the volume of a sphere at the same time.

  2. I'm hung up on the phrase, “I turned on the new Pope this afternoon.”
    I'm sorry. Perhaps I'm a middle school aged boy myself.

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