March madness (with a small ‘m’)

 Ahhhh, March, the joys of endless basketball games, layers of pollen on everything, multiple spring breaks and the delightful adjustment to the time change.  Really, I love March.  

Mike and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary on Sunday. (How is it possible? April will mark the 27 anniversary of our first date.)  We had an awesome dinner of corned beef and twice-baked colcanon (cheese, cabbage, onion) potatoes.  To follow up, we had some friends for Mike’s famous four layer coconut cake and a toast.  It was a fun evening.  (Picture of the amazing cake at the top.  Recipe for the cake (Mike makes it without the Southern Comfort) here.  I think Mike’s cake looks just as good as the magazine cake.  And, it is SOOOOOOO good – not too sweet.  The coconut is from a real coconut so you never have the feeling you’re eating a candy bar.

The rest of March has been insane.  Ian and Tim had spring break the first week of March. They started with a long weekend in Talahassee visiting Dan.  The rest of the week was devoted to them working and during their off times, messing with Andy and eating everything in the house.  As soon as the pair of them started back to school, Dan came home.  Well, actually, he came in dropped a bunch of stuff all over the house – the boy has a gift for mess – and promptly left to go camping.  He returned on Tuesday and spent the rest of his time eating and corrupting Andy.  Dan and his friend-that-is-a-girl (yes, the same one) took Andy to Disney on Thursday.  From their report, Andy has outgrown his fear of people dressed in character costumes, roller coasters and fireworks.  (I never get to go on the fun Disney trips.)  I DO love when everyone is home and not going to school or working (for short periods anyway – it’s kind of sad to see your adult children watching Scooby Doo marathons too often).  I forget how loud and funny they all are.  

This week, everyone is back to their routines.  Andy has not been happy with a full school schedule with just me.  He misses the interruptions from his brothers.  But, tomorrow is his last day until HIS spring break starts (I keep him with the public school schedule – just easier with his friends and activities).  

I’m hoping the pollen eases up soon.  Allegra is good, but only works so far. Ian and I are both dragging lately. I know I’m not really tired, but all I want to do is close my eyes and let the fog take me away. It’s pathetic.  I have been getting out to the garden sporadically and things are growing!  I’m hoping to get out a lot during the break.  There are baby tomatoes growing and flowers on several plants.  It surprises me every year how exciting I find it all.  I only wish there wasn’t a guaranteed headache involved.  I will try to get pictures over the weekend.  

For now, enjoy the pictures of the rag rug (still just a long string) growing.  My neighbor just gave me a great stack of old t-shirts that will make it that much bigger.  Almost there!!!! Another 3-4 feet and the stitching begins!

2 thoughts on “March madness (with a small ‘m’)

  1. I'll pass that on to Mike – he'll be thrilled to get a compliment from the master cake-maker! He just gets a coconut from the produce store, peels out the center with a vegetable peeler and roasts it.

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