Some lessons are never fully learned.

Every SINGLE project I decide to start is always bigger and more involved than I expect it to be.  Every single one. You think I would know this about myself, but clearly I have not. Mike showed me a picture from (where else?) Pinterest of a cool looking floor.  Our floors are in sad, sad shape.  Can you guess where this is going?

I loved the stained concrete when we first did it.  Sadly, we did not read all of the instructions so we did not reseal the floor every 2 years like we were supposed to do.  The result? In the high traffic areas, we’re now down to bare concrete.  Bare concrete is just about impossible to keep clean. It’s been making me really insane for the past year or so.

However, the fact is that we have very little cash for floors right now or in the forseeable future.  So, I looked at the picture Mike found.  I followed the links and read about other people’s experiences and decided that, yes, paper bag floors are for us.  And, because I never just sit back and think on something, I started that afternoon with my little office space.  It’s pretty cool and actually the finished product looks very similar to our original stained concrete.  Did I mention that it’s amazingly cheap too?

But, you know how it goes, you empty a space and you see how sad and pathetic the stuff in the room is and you get distracted?  Well, I do.  I think part of it was the fumes from the polyurethane.  Anyway, I ended up repainting my computer table.  Yes.  It is a little weird, but I really like and I’m the only one who really sits here so thppptttt.  The writing on the top is the beginning of Chapter Two of the first Harry Potter book.  

So, five coats of polyurethane later, the office space is done.  Now to conquer the remaining 1200++ square feet of house.  I really should have thought this through a little better.  (Back to work on the kitchen . . .)


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