Happy April!

Okay, a little late.  Happy belated Easter, too.  I was trying to make the most of Andy’s spring break and working on the floors.  Progress has been made and, thus far, I’m pleased with the results. If nothing else, my arms are in great shape for short-sleeve weather. 

My sister made an unexpected trip over the Easter weekend and it was great to see her and her kids – yeah, a normal person would have pictures.  We all know I’m not normal.  I left my camera on the kitchen counter where I would not forget it.  

Monday, Bing, Andy, my sister, Jamie, Jesse and Mitchell and me all headed to the beach.  Ahhhhh the beautiful, pollen-free beach.  I had forgotten how great life is without a constant headache or an incessant urge to check if my eyes are bleeding.  The temps were in the low 80’s, the water in the low 70’s.  The kids swam.  The grown ups got their feet wet and headed back to guard the snacks.  It was a great way to kick off a new month.  

My sister and her bunch headed back to NC after our day.  My mom and I decided to try a new way back to her house.  It’s so so sad how lost the pair of us can get.  My sister never ever gets lost.  Fortunately, we had a cooler full of snacks and drinks and Andy is a pretty easy traveler.  :::sigh:::: It took us a while, but I think we have it figured out now.  In the meantime, we found all kinds of new places to visit.  

Okey-dokey, I’m back to work on the living room floor.  (Here’s a picture of the kitchen – it’s still drying so ignore the dark spots!) The living room would be soooo much easier if Mike would agree to let me put all the nasty furniture out on the curb.  I truly hate it all.  But, he has this thing about not sitting on the floor . . . Gah. I even have great floor pillows and he’s not that interested.  So, I’m working piece-meal (sp?).  If nothing else, I’m getting really good at this gluing-paper-to-the-floor-and shining-it-up-thing. Let’s just hope the flooring actually lasts – so far so good in the office and the kitchen. 

3 thoughts on “Happy April!

  1. I love the way this looks! I'm really anxious to hear how they hold up long-term. I don't think I've ever read a follow up. We're looking for floor options and I like this one a lot!

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