Early bedtime?

Some days it is probably better to just never get up.  Today might be one of those days.  It’s just been full of weird and stoopid.  This morning, I corrected Andy’s math.  I was almost in tears at the end thinking “He can’t possibly be this dumb,” when I realized I was using the wrong answer key.  Not just the wrong lesson, I was using a book from an entirely different text.  :::sigh::: And, it only took me 25 problems to realize the mistake.  

After that, I decided maybe I needed a shower to wake me up and knock the pollen off of my face and hair.  I grabbed some clothes, put my glasses on the dresser and went into the bathroom.  I started the water as I tossed my clothes onto the toilet seat.  The shower helped.  My blood pressure was probably normal when I stepped out . . . and then I saw the problem.  Without my glasses, I failed to notice that the lid of the toilet seat was up.  I spent the next few minutes digging my clothes out of the toilet.  Ick.  

I finally managed to get dressed, start some laundry and finish up Andy’s school day.  We had some errands to run this afternoon.  Our first stop was the grocery store.  The line was long and up front was an older man purchasing, of all things, a Barbie doll.  He was loud and, clearly, did not spend much time shopping.  After the cashier explained for the third time that he was holding a debit card and had the push the button that said debit, the man held the card up, looked at it and then licked the magnetic strip before swiping it through the machine.  GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously?????  He licked his debit card.  

There were three other customers between us and the licker-man.  I KNOW we all saw him lick his debit card – really, why?????  No one said a word, but the entire line was digging through wallets and purchases looking for cash.  I had to borrow cash from Andy to pay for our purchase, but it was worth it.  Ewwwww.

The rest of the errands were okay (except for the teller at the drive-thru calling me “Sir.”) and we came home to find that Cally, the idiot dog, had thrown up all over the kitchen.  Good news? Cally’s fine and the new floors hold up to dog puke.  Bad news? I’m afraid what’s coming this evening.  I may just go to bed.

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