I’ll have better pictures tomorrow, but the floors in our main living spaces are done!  The bedrooms will get done eventually, but that’s not a huge priority for me right now – they are in fine shape and they blend in well with the new floor.   

So, about 1000 square feet, 1 1/2 rolls of brown contractor paper, 2 gallons of polyurethane, an audio version of Game of Thrones and nearly 1/2 of the second book and almost three gallons of glue and I’m done.  And, I’m trapped on this side of the house until the final coat of polyurethane dries . . . sigh. Triumph has its price – the bathrooms are all on the sticky side of the house.  

I’m thinking after all of this work – and it was a lot of work (fortunately, I work cheap and that’s what we needed) – I’m going to tell people not familiar with my project that our floors are made of tobacco leaves.  That is what they look like and that is way more exotic and interesting than paper bags.  I even have a garden, maybe I can convince them I grew the tobacco? (Sorry, just thinking out loud.)

Here is a before shot of the living room (by far the worst of the rooms with the concrete stain – and our own fault because we did this room the totally wrong way – most concrete floors hold up FAR better – like all the other rooms in the house):

Here is a very bad picture of the “after” in the living room:

As you can kind of see, the finished results are not that different from the stained concrete (in the good places).  I will take some pictures when the sun is out tomorrow.  
It’s been nearly three weeks and the “office” and kitchen are holding up great.  I’ll try to post updates for anyone interested in trying this.

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