It would be wrong to leave my mom at the airport, right?

My mom has been traveling and she’s given me the use of her car.  Oh man, I cannot even describe the freedom . . . I feel like a new person and I also feel like Cinderella, I have a limited time to be productive and independent. To be honest, I’m kind of tired.  My mom comes home tomorrow, so I guess I can catch up on my sleep then.

In the meantime, I’ve made countless trips to get fabric, dye, and more dye (who knew dye was so hard to find?).  Andy and I have had a couple of outings as well.  I was able to accept my friend Claire’s incredibly generous offer of a ticket to “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” as well.  I have not seen Claire forever and we had an awesome time.  We ate Vietnamese food and kind of hoped the rain would stop before we had to leave.  The rain did not stop, but we made it to the theater.  

We sat down just as the curtain was coming up – wet and shivery, but ready and we were not disappointed. (I was kind of amazed that Claire had a pair of dry cushy socks in her purse – she shed her sopping wet flats and put on her comfy socks on for the show!)  What a fun production.  The music, 70-80’s disco/dance music was fun, the set was great as well.   My favorite part of the show was how energized the entire audience was.  For once I didn’t feel like a goober bouncing in my seat! Everyone was bouncing and shouting and singing. 

Oh, and the other favorite thing???  After all the years of attending plays and operas at the Bob Carr Theater, I’ve learned that I should drink NO fluids for a few hours before the show.  Whoever designed the theater screwed up on the ratio of women’s to men’s bathrooms.  Everything I’ve ever attended there sports an intermission with lines of women on multiple floors scrolled throughout the building hoping to get a chance to go before being shut out of the theater.  It’s enough to make you consider Depends.  

At Priscilla?  Go figure.  Granted, it’s a show about two drag queens and a transexual crossing the Australian Outback in a bus (but, it’s more fun than it sounds), but who knew?  At intermission, we were able to get snacks AND use the ladies room!!!  The men were all standing in long lines.  Everyone in the ladies room was exclaiming about how amazing it all was – I was one of them.  And, really, when was the last time you ever saw men standing in line for a bathroom?????  

The hours are ticking.  I’m going to have to turn in my glass slippers tomorrow at 7:30 pm.  I have a bunch of stupid plans for tomorrow.  Nothing exciting unless you’re me.  

Thank you, Mom for the use of your car.  (It’s so easy to park!) Thank you, Claire for an awesome night! (Soap is headed Jay’s way for the use of his ticket.)                                       

4 thoughts on “It would be wrong to leave my mom at the airport, right?

  1. Oh, this reminds me of stopping once at a rest stop in CA, and there was a long line of ladies for the single-stall women's restroom – so we split in half and also lined up to use the single-stall Men's right next to it.
    A man came up and tried to cut in front to use “his” restroom – we ALL made him get in line with the rest of us.

  2. I love that story, JFS! Joy, some of those men had the most beautiful legs!

    Beth, I'm dying fabric for a slipcover. It's not as easy at the internet would have you believe. 😉

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