Things that make you go hmmm . . .

We’re winding down the school year (has it only been one school year?).  One by one, Andy is finishing his subjects.  He completed the science class he’s been taking through the Florida Virtual School yesterday.  Today, his teacher called.  I’ve talked her at least once a month since he started the class.  She’s so enthusiastic and loves what she teaches. 

For Andy this class is kind of a transitional thing. With all of the boys, as they got older, I expected them to work on an increasingly independent level.  With this  class, Andy was on his own.  If he needed help, he contacted the teacher.  I stayed completely out of it.  He finished the class with an 87 after a rough start.  The control freak in me would prefer he got an “A,” but I already had my shot at 7th grade science – you know, when I was in 7th grade.  

This afternoon, the teacher called to confirm that Andy had finished the class and filled me in on his final grade.  She sounded so anxious.  I thanked her and assumed we had talked about all we needed to talk about.  But, then she started asking, “Are you happy with his grade?”  “Are you sure?” “I just want you to be happy with his grade.”  And on and on.  It was weird.  Would she have changed the grade if I wasn’t happy? 

That’s all.  The whole thing has been on my mind all afternoon.  It was just so strange.

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