Half empty/half full?  I’m struggling with that right now.  Mostly I have to go with half full.  There is nothing seriously wrong in our world and I need to find a way to appreciate that more.  But, right now, I just want to have a big, old, temper tantrum.  I want things to work and I want them to work when I want them.  (Picture to the left is my Goodwill couch find)

Sorry to be gone so long – we’ve had little to no internet for the past week or so.  GAH!!!!!  Once again, as happens about every two years, I despise ATT, yet I hate the thought of developing a hatred of a new company for internet as I’ve heard nothing good about the others either.  Roland, my customer service person this evening, is my hero.  He did in six minutes what three people could not do in over two hours this morning.  I think the fact that I was nearly in tears helped.  

In the news, Dan has been home this week.  He’s, as he says, half an engineer now.  The jury is still out on what half he is.  I love having him home, but I’m exhausted.  Dan knows the best time to get me alone is late at night . . . but, as happy as I am to talk to him whenever he wants, I’m tired, tired, tired.  The first night he was home we talked until four am.  I am WAY too old for this – the sleep wrinkles from that night finally went away yesterday.  Upside? Dan cooked shish kabobs for all of us and my brother and my parents tonight dinner was delicious and fun. I guess we’ll keep Dan.

In other news, we had a solid week of rain last week.  Most of my garden is once again flushed away – the tomatoes may live.  Mike and I are making new plans for next year.  If anyone knows about raised beds, please speak up.  I’m sad about my cucumbers, peas, beans and ‘maybe’ eggplants.  

I have managed to get some slipcovers on my “new-to-us” couch.  I was hoping for better results, but my stupid sewing machine was not cooperating.   But, I didn’t kill it. I just put it out in the garage for a time-out.   By the time I finished, I was ready to hurl the cheap stoopid thing through the wall.  This is by far the biggest thing I’ve ever made.  And, not only did I make it, I dyed the fabric. I learned zippers.  I learned welting. I bought myself a pink tape measure for heavens sakes! And, still the sewing machine has tantrums. 

I have pillows yet to make and unless someone is buying me lottery tickets in secret, the machine I have is what I have and I just have to suck it up. I think we both need a break from each other.  I guess what makes me the most frustrated is that no one notices the slipcovers when they’re here!  That’s good, I suppose, they fit right in, but sheesh, I’ve worked soooo hard and to have no one notice (lol, unless I point it out)  is kind of disappointing. (I kind of feel this way about the floors too – all of that hard physical labor and unless I point out the ‘paper bag’ floors, no one notices . . . )  You can also see my “new” coffee table in this picture, no one has noticed that either.Poor me.

I dunno, I guess with the boys being older … I’m feeling unappreciated and overworked.  I do all my “little” projects, but the laundry is always done, the meals are ready, the lunches are made . . . It’s just depressing – I kind of thought as they got older, they would appreciate that this stuff does not simply just happen.

It might also have to do with attending the funeral of the dad of one of our scout families (his son became an Eagle Scout at the same time as Danny) this past weekend and then a few days later seeing another scout mom pushing her new granddaughter down the street . . . it’s all making me feel old and, you know, old.  Nice funeral, the dad who died, died doing what he loved, hiking in Colorado – if you have to go, you might was well be doing something you really enjoy.  His wife and son are doing well.  Grandkids? I guess we’ll have them, but it seems so sudden to have a friend that has one NOW!!!!! 

Ugh . . . I hate this feeling.  I want to be useful and appreciated and all of that.  But, what do I do now? I still have five years of school with Andy to go.  But, that’s not wholly time consuming.  Okay, I’m going to bed with my glass half-full.  I’ll figure it out, I’ve always been able to do that.

The weekend is bound to pick up, right?

5 thoughts on “Half????

  1. Testing, testing. Yes, I can add a comment. I am using Google Chrome.

    The couch looks fabu.

    Men are sometimes “stupien.” I got 6-7 inches cut off my hair. The only one who noticed why my one co-worker who said “Hey! Hair looks good.” Not the hubby, the son, the daughter, the other 4 male co-workers. The hubby also didn't notice the Dr. Who quote on the wall until I pointed it out. WHAT? Genetic, I tell you.

    UGH, so sad about the funeral. I prayed for mom & son.

    Which Scout Mom's a grandma? Spill!

  2. Thanks, Kaaren and Joy. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

    Kaaren, I want to see a picture of your new hair. Kaaren, Marcy is the new grandma to baby Sophia. It's been a long time since I've been around a little baby and she's adorable.

  3. After living in a household with 3 males, I should have thought to share this bit of
    wisdom with you sooner, but men only notice when dinner IS NOT ready, their clothes are NOT clean, and lunches are NOT made! Nothing else matters! My dog kisses me when
    I put a clean sheet over the couch for him to lay on, which is more than I ever got
    from the rest of them! I think your new slipcovers are fabulous!

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