This, that and the other

(I’ll try later, but the pictures will NOT upload right now!) 

(4-5 vases of beautiful, colorful flowers! picture here) Long week.  Sunday night I was sure I had the plague or something.  I was coughing and snuffling and my head was swollen up like a watermelon.  By Monday morning it was the same and I was convinced it was all of the beautiful flowers I received for Mother’s Day.  (Thank you Mike and Tim!) Aren’t they amazing? I had them all through the house.  I moved them to the screened in porch, but that did not make me feel any better so they’re back inside now.  Whatever is in the air is making me miserable and giving me a weird, husky radio voice.  I’m kind of over it.  Someone send rain or something.  

Back to Mother’s Day.  We had a great-ish day here.  I was sad to see Danny leave so soon.  He gave me the funniest card and I managed to not cry.  I woke up to a giant bouquet of flowers from Mike.  As I walked into the kitchen, Tim handed me another giant bouquet!  Ian gave me another funny-in-a-sick-kind-of-way card and a gift card to Barnes and Noble!  And, Andy wrapped up two packs of Reese’s Cups in a note signed “Love your son, Andrew.”  :::sniff:::: It’s nice to be loved.  

This week has been fun and productive.  Slowly but surely Andy is finishing up school.  Science, done.  Logic, done.  Math, last book lesson done and one test to go.  History, books done, research paper nearly done! Andy truly did the research paper on his own and as we went through the first draft today, I almost cried. It was good, really good.  He’s getting it. I’m so so so proud of the progress Andy’s made this year.   He’s got a book to finish reading and a LOT of Latin to go.  Over the summer we’ll keep up with math, typing and reading.  The rest, whew!  This has been a long year.  

I had a chance to have lunch with my friend Claire.  Her husband has been Andy’s teacher/evaluator for years.  It’s unusual for me to see Claire twice in less than a month, but I got lucky.  I hand off Andy’s portfolio, Claire and I talk for hours and eat and drink ourselves merry and it’s all good.  Technically, Andy is done for the year.  Thank you Jay and Claire!  Soap is forthcoming. 

(Ugly signs warning of trespassing and bewaring of dog.  Picture here) I headed out to the garden around lunchtime today in hopes of finding some tomatoes and zucchini (the only things that seem to still be thriving).  First, I was greeted by these lovely signs on my neighbor’s fence (yes, that neighbor).  Are you kidding me????  She has an eight-foot fence surrounding her back yard already. Every kid in the neighborhood is terrified of her.  They don’t ever play near her house – front or back.  The only one who can see these signs is ME.  Ummm . . . yep.  I want to scale the mean neighbor’s fence and terrorize her cocker spaniel.  I’m thinking I need a sign for my garden.  Suggestions welcome.

(Pretty picture of lots of tomatoes taken before I noticed the aackkkk!!!!) As if the new neon signs didn’t depress me enough, I headed toward the tomatoes and saw a big, dead bird in the pathway.  I’m sure my neighbor did not put it there,but, you know me, birds freak me the heck out and I jumped higher than I’ve jumped in about 25 years.  I immediately texted Mike that we had to move.  He wasn’t buying into that.  I then insisted that he come home.  Not buying that either.  I barricaded myself in the house until he did come home to fix things.  Now, I just have to work up the courage to go back out into the garden. 

I made some awesome throw pilliows for the couch – pictures later.  I found a furniture sample book with 24×24 fabric samples in it at Goodwill for $6.99.  I used those with some bargain pillows.  It’s kind of funky and interesting looking.  Now I need more pillows.  And, does anyone know where you can get those books of fabric samples on a regular basis???? I could just kick myself for not picking up the second one I saw at Goodwill.  Great stuff.  

In other news, Andy and I visited our new local Wawa this afternoon.  What is up with that name? It’s basically a gas station that sells subs/hoagies.  Good prices, but I’m not entirely sure what the big deal is.  Oh well, it was a new experience and I never once had to say the word “Wawa.”  So, Happy Friday. 

2 thoughts on “This, that and the other

  1. OMFG a COMMENT box!!! JESUS!!!

    You missed a really terrific opportunity there… it would have been so awesome to pick up the dead bird and throw it in the neighbor's yard.

    My sign suggestion? An arrow (Largish) pointing toward her house.
    “Beware of skanky old whore.”

    Is that too straightforward?

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