And, June begins . . .

Nothing like starting the month with a tropical storm.  The fact that this is the first storm AND the storm is named ANDREA (oddly, the same name as my mean neighbor) has been kind of funny.  I convinced Mike that putting a giant sign that read “Go Away, Andrea!” in the front yard was a bad idea.  Besides, that’s kind of Key West thing to do. 

Anyway, the storm, for us, has been mostly lots of rain and some tree-cleaning wind.  Sadly, it’s been just enough rain to do in my garden completely.  There will be no more tomatoes or peppers or zuchhini or :::sniff:::: anything this year.  In the fall we’re going to try straw bale gardening and see if we get better results.  I’ve been reading about it and it seems like a pretty cool alternative.  I’ll keep you posted.

For most of the end of May and the beginning of June, I’ve been helping my mom empty her art studio/room and reorganize it.  I hope to have pictures soon.  I had some great before pictures – until I dumped a cup of water on my cell phone.  :::sigh:::  But I have some middle pictures and my mom has some finished pictures. Here is one “middle” picture.  

We had so much fun.  Sorting through all of my mom’s artwork was like traveling back in time.  There were pictures I remember her painting when I was very young and we lived in Pittsburgh.  We found old cards and pictures that me, my sister and my brother had made through the years, along with work from all the grandkids.  We found some paintings from my Grandma Gerry too.  Grandma Gerry’s paintings led to a discussion about why she and my mom can draw and paint so well, and I can’t.  (I’m creative, yes, but not an artist)  So, now I’m signed up for drawing classes for six weeks starting next week.  I’m beyond nervous and excited.  I have never done anything like that and what a great birthday present!  (You all know it’s my birthday month and presents are encouraged, right?)  I’ll post pictures of what happens and if I get beyond mortification and stick figures.

It was interesting to me to see how different my mom and I are even though we are very much alike (I saw her the other day right there with me, though I was decidedly alone, in the mirror of a dry cleaner’s.  Uncanny. And the kids constantly hear my mom’s voice when she’s not here. Go figure.)   I am a thrower-away-of-things.  My mom?  Not so much.  And, just the way we group and organize things is so different.  In that department, I think we both learned a lot.  We managed a trip to IKEA (and did not get lost this time, thank you very much) for some awesome shelves.  We also found the most amazing grey paint and painted the room while it was empty.  And, because no house is complete without words painted on the wall, we painted a quote on the wall.  (Mom, help!  I need pictures)

Not too much else here.  I’ve been “pimping my ride,” as Mike and the boys like to say.  The new-to-us car is adorable now.  I found cute seat covers and sort of bedazzled the steering wheel and made it smell girly.  Yep.  The boys can drive the nasty, dented, stinky Suburban.  Hah.  It’s been wonderful to just be able to go and do what I need to do without checking in with five people and working around their timetables.  And, because I’m not on such a limited car schedule, I have been able to avoid Walmart quite a bit.  (I’m not opposed to Walmart, but it DOES wear you down.)  Of course this means I have to put on clothes other than my pj’s, but so far it’s been worth it.

One thought on “And, June begins . . .

  1. Spending that time with your mom sounds like fun! And your pretty new car! Sorry about the vegis. I don't miss tropical storms/hurricanes. But, gosh, I Do miss Rita's!

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