Forty Eight

 Hmmm . . . I’m now 48.  I’m as young as I’m going to get.  Weird, huh? I’m not complaining,  I’m just surprised.  I’m like that – slow to pick up on patterns.  

I have a great life.  I have an awesome kind-of-hot-old-rugby-player-type-husband.  I have four amazing sons.  I have a life and experiences that in NO WAY resemble my plans while I was in college and I’m happier and a better person for that.  I have funny, smart friends and family who love me (and I love them back even more times infinity).  

We went out for dinner with my mom and dad (aka Bing and Pap) and my brother tonight.  We had so much fun and it was delicious.  Mostly, though, it was fun.  I wish my sister had been in town to make the night complete.  

I wore new clothes.  I novelty here.  When we got home, Andy took a couple of pictures.  I HATE having my picture taken, but here are two.  Me, newly 48. 

Tomorrow night we’re having Father’s Day/Birthday cake with the neighbors.  I think I will skip the lipstick and wear my overalls.  😉

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