The Studio

Don’t you love the word studio? It’s so much better than “the-bedroom-I-use-for-painting.”  A few weeks ago, I helped my mom clear out “the-bedroom-she-used-for-painting” and helped her start to transform it into a studio.  There is still room to improve, but the improvement is sooooo tremendous.  

I’m an idiot and spilled water on the cell phone that held my before pictures.  Gah.  I never use my phone for pictures and the one time I did . . . Oh well.  But, my mom found a pretty good before picture.  In your mind make it a little more crowded as she keeps on painting and adding new layers. Here is before.  When we started the wicker basket shelves you see in later pictures were below the stuff hanging on the wall.  

Here is an after picture of the same wall.

Can you see the grey on the wall? Kind of, sort of, right? It’s the most amazing color and it changes with the light.    

Look at the shelves!  Everything has a place.  The space-hogging 1980’s tv is gone.  Ahhh room to breathe and work and find what you need.

Here are some other views of the room:

On behalf of my mom, I invite you all to come inspect the space.  It’s really cool and organized and my mom already is working on new stuff (see easel in bottom pic – that one is going to be awesome).  

(The quote on the wall is:  “Take and object.  Do something to it.  Do something else to it.”  Kind of sums it all up, huh?)

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