Really, universe? I had a very nice birthday weekend.  I go to bed grateful for my family and friends and Mike’s abilities to create cake and I wake up to this?  The air conditioner is dead.  It is currently 88 degrees in my house with the ceiling fans and a few floor fans running.  Something in the kitchen is leaking – a lot.  This would not be so tragic if we did not, thanks to my bright thinking, have PAPER BAG floors.  Oh, yeah, the Suburban? It’s sitting at the mechanic’s awaiting new parts.  So far, Monday has been a pretty big let down.  (Note: Mike made his famous coconut cake for my birthday but instead of the white icing between layers, he used chocolate ganache. Oh.)

All’s not lost. The air conditioner guy can come tomorrow morning.  With any luck, he will be able to fix our unit and we won’t have to replace the whole thing. Because, I know this is hard to believe, once it gets hot in Florida . . . you don’t really find great deals on a/c units.  They just laugh and throw out big four digit figures at you and watch you sweat.  In the end, the a/c people know you are too weak to forgo air conditioning for the next six months of hot weather.  

The floors are not ruined – if I can keep everyone off the wet spots for a day – it’s just a mess. And, whatever is going on under the sink can most likely be fixed by Mike. If it’s the dishwasher again, I give up. It’s a sign I am not meant to have a dishwasher and we will put a cupboard in its place. 

The Suburban is not hugely expensive to fix.  But, the timing isn’t great.  Oh well. At least Mike isn’t trying to fix it – sinks he knows, cars not so much.

Okay, I’m going to go do laundry and hope for a breeze.  I sent Mike a text asking for explosives to take this old house down once and for all and beer. I’m thinking I’ll get beer but no explosives. So, beer and birthday cake for dinner it is.

Hope your Mondays are going MUCH more smoothly!

2 thoughts on “Uncle!

  1. Sorry about your day. I know what you mean about a/c in Florida. Even With beer, you Need a/c. And the rest of the stuff. Yuck. But the coconut cake with chocolate ganache — inspired! Oh my word. I hope that makes up for things as much for you as it would for me!

  2. The cake is helping. So is the beer, but I don't think either is going to fly in the morning. A/C guy is coming between 8 and 8:30 tomorrow. It's raining now, so the house feels nice. Neighbors invited us to camp out in the living room if it gets too sticky after the rain. Love our neighborhood.

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