Last one tonight, I promise . . .

Ian called the passport department again yesterday with a final question.  He was told not to call them back that “special” agents (I don’t know that they used the word agents) would call him from another office in fourteen days or less.  What in the world is going on here? I’m starting to get nervous that all of this bureaucracy is going to ruin Ian’s trip of a lifetime.  For what? I don’t even know what to tell him to do – I guess wait???? (Ian just got home from work – I haven’t seen him for a day an a half, that’s why this sounds so new.) Am I a nut? This has the potential to get weird and really expensive for no good reason.  Any ideas or thoughts on this?

2 thoughts on “Last one tonight, I promise . . .

  1. Have you considered having him send in an ear part? Isn't that how they prove that hostages are real?

    Seriously, I think your U.S. Congressman/woman can help with passport issues, especially if they reject his documents to prove he is “real” and keep his money. If this doesn't go through, I'd give your local Representative's office a visit. This also has the hallmarks of an injustice done to a hardworking innocent good kid that newspaper reporters love to expose.

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