On a roll . . .

Was this really my life at one point? It was in January 1994.  This is a picture of my first day alone with Danny (15 months) and Ian (L) and Tim (R) at six weeks old.  Dan had just dumped a bowl of yogurt on his head and I responded by screaming at him to “ACT YOUR AGE.”  That set Ian and Tim off.  Yes, yes they are all screaming.  This picture was taken from the floor, where I was sitting.  I was crying.   I was calling Mike (from a rotary phone attached to the wall no less) to tell him I had changed my mind about having kids – it was just too hard.  And then I hung up.  Nearly 20 years ago.  Send this to anyone you know struggling with wee people at home – you do get your life back – sort of.

2 thoughts on “On a roll . . .

  1. And to think you had the presence of mind to take a photo! Did some part of your brain imagine a future in which you'd want to remember such a trying time?
    It also makes me think of my mother who had four kids under five when I was small, and went on to have five more, including a set of twins. She must have had many days like that.

  2. It IS weird, huh? I think the camera was just on the counter near where I was sitting and “calling” uncle. I didn't think anyone would believe me . . .

    I cannot imagine how many days like this your mom had. Though, based on my experience, she had a lot more good ones.

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