Like Mother . . .

There are times when you really feel like all of your lazy parenting has paid off.  Tonight was one of those nights.  I just got off the phone with Dan.  He’s up in Tallahassee working two jobs and saving for next semester.  He’s getting ready to move out of his apartment – yes the one he had for free for six months thanks to all of your votes for his goofy video.  He cannot wait.  Randomly assigned roommates can be a nightmare.  Dan is ready for the nightmare to end.

As we chatted, I asked if anything exciting had happened during the past week.  He said that his roommate’s ceiling fan had fallen out of the ceiling the other morning.  I’ve never heard of that happening and asked if the roommate was okay.  Dan, who had worked until 3:30 that morning, woke up to banging on his door and the scared roommate shrieking that his ceiling fan had fallen.  Exhausted, Dan asked him if he was bleeding or if there was a fire.  The roommate said no.  Dan, perhaps a little cold-heartedly, shut the door and went back to sleep.  The roommate then called 911.  Police, fire and ambulance all arrived in a timely fashion.  GAH.

I’m a slacker, but the rule in our house has always been, I don’t want to hear about it unless someone is bleeding profusely or there is a fire.  Beyond that, work it out.  I told Dan to send his roommate down for a crash course.  

Dan moves into a house with some friends next month.  I think I might make some “safety” posters for them to hang around – just in case.

3 thoughts on “Like Mother . . .

  1. 911 for a ceiling fan?!?!?!? Good gravy. I can't even come up with something witty to say because it's just so ridiculous.

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