We have been looking for a new front door and a new sliding glass door pretty much since we bought this house, errr . . . 15 years ago.  Funny how the kids always needed shoes and food and school stuff.  Well, we’ve reached the point where the front door is leaking and the sliding glass doors open but sound like you are killing a small pet while doing so.  I guess we got the best of the 1983 models, huh?  

Several months ago, Mike and I went door shopping.  We actually found what we needed and liked.  We talked to the young, young salesman and had him come up with an estimate for having the doors delivered and installed.  Ummm . . . no.  for each door, the first fee was $150 permit to our city.  For a new door????  Are you kidding me.  There were tons of other fees and charges.  Ultimately, installing the door costs more than the door. The salesman, oh so young, pointed us to several great you-tube videos that show you exactly HOW to install a door.  We decided to go with you-tube.  

In the intervening months, the boys needed shoes, minor surgery, deodorant and all that kind of stuff so we put the doors off and stuck with our routine of stuffing towels under the front door in case of heavy rain.  Mike became a devotee of you-tube door installation videos.  The other day, he found a nice set of sliding glass doors – they at least look like they’re from the last century.  He’s been on a mission for a front door.

He came home frustrated the other night because the guy at the

store told him that all of their doors were “out-swing” doors.  Mike said he thought about it and decided the guy was a numbskull.  No one’s front door swings out.  What would you do with screen doors?  What would police on tv do to get into houses? We laughed and laughed.  He’s been to several stores since.

If you live below an imaginary line drawn at about Gainesville (Univ. of Fl) you are now subject to a new building code.  All entry doors must be out-swing.  I’m not kidding!  I keep thinking of Halloween and knocking adorable pre-schoolers flat on their butts as I open the door to give them stuff they probably should not be eating anyway.    

Mike asked why the new code.  The guy he was talking to said “Home invasions and possible hurricane issues.”  Mike suggested, and rightly so, that our house would be flattened if it came down to winds knocking out our front door – even our current crappy front door.  The guy just shrugged.  The codes are not law, but if you’re paying someone to install doors or windows in Central Florida or below, beware.  I am the person who, if she does not follow the rules, gets caught.  I am so careful about “the rules.”

Shrugging guy was kind of helpful though.  He said his store was still selling the in-swing doors until their stock was gone.  He found a store that had three doors in stock that cost something less than our mortgage.  Mike ran to the store and picked one up.  

I know.  We are such rebels.  

I’m not a fan of authority.  I’m not a fan of government in general.  But, at what point do we say “NO!”  I want to pick my own light bulbs, my own doors, my own toilet.  I should be able to buy allergy medicine or spray paint without having to provide documentation and having a record stored somewhere.  I haven’t done anything wrong and I should not have to prove that I haven’t – that seems backwards.  

Anyone reading here that lives in Winter Springs? Are you willing to pay our city $150 per door to replace your existing doors? That’s a criminal charge for a building permit when you’re not building anything! Yet, we’re criminal if we don’t pay.  (And, I’m hoping if we don’t get caught because I am NOT willing to pay $300 to install $800 worth of doors. See, I’m a criminal?)  

While I definitely lean to the conservative side, I don’t think this is political – it’s insanity.  Do you know what’s going on in your city? This has sure been an eye-opener for me.  I kind of like the idea that for every new law passed, an old one should be eliminated.  At  the rate things seem to be going, we are all committing multiple misdemeanors and/or felonies every single day – doing nothing!

2 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. I'm sure I am (committing misdemeanors, that is). Out of ignorance. But if I Knew all the crazy rules, Then I'd be doing most of the same things with a (slightly) guilty conscience. I expect those law makers have good intentions, and I think people Should wear seat belts and Not install their septic tanks 10 feet from their neighbor's wells, but….. outward swinging front doors? By law? That is just dumb.

  2. OH MY GOD A COMMENT BOX on a post from you!!

    I hear ya… and scream along. Gnashing of teeth and all.
    A few years ago, Eric installed a sprinkler system in our yard. He is a licensed double check inspector etc, so there was no cost to have it inspected or whatever. But it was 100 dollars for the permit.

    The actual cost of the permit was 35 bucks, but the city has “A 100 dollar minimum, Ma'am.”

    While I was there, reading all the other prices for shit that's none of their business, I learned that for the new garbage disposal we installed a couple weeks after we moved in also would have required a permit. 40 bucks… but of course there's that 100 dollar minimum.

    We're being taxed to death. Every single thing we buy, every single little home improvement…

    It's sad, because the assholes are now in charge. And cleaning out the assholes is a job no one wants to take on. 😉

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