Another I love my neighborhood post

We are so very lucky to live in a neighborhood where we like our neighbors and our kids like their kids.  We’ve all known each other for years and years now.  

This year, our neighbors across the street turned 50.  Their birthdays are July 25 and July 27.  So we had a party.  Mike and I could not resist bringing over a big bucket filled with 100 candles.  Yes, the bucket was filled with dirt, because, you know, they’re older than dirt.  (So are we, but it wasn’t our day, was it?) 
Mike also made a real cake which I failed to photograph.  ::::sigh::::  It was amazing – six layers of gooey chocolate topped by a set of tasteful Happy Birthday candles – nothing like the bad-boy bucket o’ flame.  

The adults, nine of us, went out for an early dinner, leaving the kids home with pizza and a movie.  When we got home, we lit up the big bucket, sang happy birthday and ate the whole dang cake.  Then we moved outside to send up some Chinese lanterns with birthday wishes written all over them.  One of the boys even had some fireworks left from July 4.  BONUS????  Our grumpy neighbor did not even call the police.  (Good thing as there was no cake left.) 

The most fun part? My neighbor and I teamed to buy our birthday neighbor a ticket to the traveling Broadway production of Mama Mia.  It will be the three of us plus my mom and my neighbor’s daughter.  We got the ticket forever ago because birthday neighbor has NEVER seen a live production, EVER.  Normally for neighbor birthdays we give things like a pair of flip flops or a new wine glass.  But, this chance was too perfect to pass up.  Don’t you love finding just the right gift?  It doesn’t happen that often but when it does, I think it’s so much more fun to be the giver. 

And, thus concludes another great night on Oak Road.

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