I’m back – in other news . . .

This is Andy last Thursday night.  All geared up for evenings of football and mornings full of rowing.  (*smiley face* This is Andy’s mom all full of free time and more random projects)

Note Andy in the Saturday night picture (he’s not stoned, I promise, I just can’t do the red eye thing on the camera).  Second day of practice, sling, broken collarbone.  No rowing.  No football.  We will spend this week concentrating on keeping him still and avoiding further trauma. Andy is sorely bummed. I’m not that sad, other than my baby boy is sad.  Mike is really bummed.  He agreed to coach the team a level below Andy’s.  He’s still committed to football – until mid-November!  

I will say our experience at the walk-in department of Jewet Orthopedic this morning was amazing!  I knew on Saturday if we went to the hospital that they would do an x-ray, give Andy a sling and send him to an ortho.  I borrowed a sling and we skipped the ER.  Andy’s arm was immobile all weekend.  We walked in – the nice lady took my license and insurance card and VOILA!  She put my info in the computer and handed me a couple of pages with MAYBE 10 things to fill in.  

Minutes later, I was getting annoyed, I had a good book to read, we were led back.  Andy was taken for x-rays, 5 minutes tops.  Within another five minutes, the doctor walked in pronounced the collarbone broken and showed Andy pictures on his computer.  Upon learning Andy had three older brothers, the doctor asked, “Dude, is this the first broken collarbone?”  Andy nodded.  High fives followed.  Boys are going to be the death of me.   Anyway if you’re local and you have sprains or possible breaks – I HIGHLY recommend taking this route (unless you have a bone poking through your skin or something equally gruesome).  We were out in just under an hour.  

NOW … what to do for six to eight weeks???????  I think we’ll start school early.  I think Andy will be delighted when I tell him.  What 13-year-old isn’t chomping at the bit to start algebra???? 

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