So, yeah, I’m back – project update

Where have I been? I dunno … we’ve been busy and not that interesting.  I hate this feeling of being stuck between sections of my life.  It can’t last.  Right????  If it does last, lock your doors – it’s only a matter of time until I get to your house to repaint EVERYTHING. 

In the meantime, we’ve (read, mostly Mike) gotten a lot done.  Here is Mike tonight, sanding and finishing up the new sliding doors.  I cannot believe how much nicer these look.  I knew the old ones were ugly, but I had no real idea how ugly until we put these in.  

In other project news, Mike and Andy installed a new front door last weekend.  I painted it.  Once everything is back in place and the molding is up it’s going to look really nice.  It lets in so much more light that the old, leaky door.  Our artist friend who collects metal to sell to pay for his art fair entries was more than happy to come collect the old steel door.  YAY!

And, because Mike prefers to have a project, behold the new driveway extension.  We got a mold at Lowe’s and you mix the concrete, put it in the mold and plop it onto your leveled ground.  Then you fill it in with sand and little rocks.  I’m so pleased with it.  Before, this was often a pit of mud and tire tracks. Mike extended it to the back yard

.  We’re so fancy now.

 Finally,  here is a little dorm fridge that Tim picked up on his last visit to see Dan in Tallahassee.  He got it for his friend, Chris, who had a birthday coming up and is way into fish – fancy fish.  Chris’ mom was tired of fish stuff in her fridge.  Now he has one for his room.  I was lacking a project, so I helped personalize the fridge. I love paint!

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