He’s fine . . . right????

Ian went to New York to visit with a friend for a long weekend.  He called to let me know his plane had landed safely.  I saw a FaceBook post on Friday about him eating pizza and going to the Met.  All good.  This morning?  His FaceBook status was “Isn’t this how Batman’s parents got killed?”  Nothing since. I’m sure he was joking but I’m starting to think I might not handle Ian traveling alone through Europe for a month quite as well as I’d orginally thought.

2 thoughts on “He’s fine . . . right????

  1. Kick his butt when he comes home.

    Jake went to New York with his choir teacher and 4 other kids to sing with a local choir during the summer between Jr & Sr year. I find out *after he came back* that the teacher let Jake go off to Brooklyn to MEET SOME KID HE KNEW FROM AN ONLINE MUSIC FORUM! Say WHAT?!?!? I about lost my mind.

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