Poof . . . August is almost gone.

I’ve been a slacker – here and in real life.  I find myself out of things to paint and uninspired. It’s sore confusing to go from having four demanding children to (mostly) one full-time kid.  And, the full-time kid is side-lined to the point of complete and total boredom.  Lots of reading and sitting and fun stuff like going to Walmart.  Ah . . . to be 13 and injured.  

Since July, I’ve put together another year of school.  Woohoo, this will be my last run through the eighth grade.  I think this is the year I finally get an “A” in Algebra.  We started in last week and I think it will be a challenging, but fun, year for Andy.  His line up?  Algebra, General 8th Grade Science via the Florida Virtual School, Latin (his fourth year!), Grammar/Diagramming (squee!  I love to diagram sentences!), a pretty cool online writing class (link here – we’ve used this writing program for years, but I am so excited to have an outside person teaching it this year!! Andy is too.), Logic – this will be challenging but I think a lot of fun too as we can tie it in with history this year, and modern world history (1850-present).  Oh yeah and a giant reading list.  

I am hoping the new school schedule will spur me into some kind of action in some kind of direction. I am a much better person when I have a plan. It’s just now, I need a really different plan than I have for years.  If anyone has a plan they’d like to share, let me know.  😉 

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