Ian is home safe and sound.  He had an amazing trip to NY and CT.  Based on my nightmares last night, I’m happy to have him home without a giant, ugly tattoo on his neck.  I cannot wait until he puts his pictures onto his computer.  Everyone . . . “Yay, Ian.”  His initial comments included being happy to have visited a truly big city before heading to Europe.  He was able to test his backpack for carry-on eligibility and ease of use – he gave it an A+.  He used the subway system and feels better about facing the Metro in Paris. (He’s SOOOOO going to thank me for Latin when he gets home.)

Talked to Dan and my mom (aka Bing) tonight.  Their birthdays are a day apart.  Dan turns 21 on 9/4 and Bing turns something bigger than 21 on 9/5.  To celebrate, they will be skydiving together.  GAH.  There’s a good chance that Andy’s godfather, Gregg (who turns 50 in the same week), will be joining them.  Yep.  Three people I love dearly, hurling themselves out of an airplane.  I think I will stay home and make martinis for everyone who comes home alive.  

We’ll probably do a cookout after the event with birthday cake(s) and all of that.  I figure we have a couple of themes to work with – death, airplanes, parachutes . . . I could go on.  If anyone has a good idea for a cake or food or anything, please let me know.  I think I’ll make wee parachutes for everyone to have in their drinks.  For the kids in the crowd, I’ll attach the parachutes to little plastic army men rather than trying to stuff them into soda cans or water bottles.  Heck, if everyone survives, I may let the younger folk up on the roof to launch their parachute people.  If the party goes late enough, I’ll toss in glow sticks.  

In other exciting news, I’ve been spending a little bit of time each night working on my t-shirt yarn rug.  I had made a lot of progress, but the stoopid thing would not lay flat and I spent a week or so dismembering it.  I’m back at it and nearly at the end of what I had originally finished.  This rug might be done when I turn 70-80-ish.  Still, I like the sewing – it’s relaxing and allows me to watch shows like House of Cards and Downton Abbey and, even, Grimm.  Fun stuff.

Tomorrow is lining up to be an exciting day (technically, I guess it’s today not tomorrow).  Here’s our garage door chalk board – I cannot believe how handy this canvas has become. 

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