Excuse me????

I’ve been grumpy lately.  At least I figured it out – my iron is really low, leaving me tired and irritable.  I’m taking the steps to correct this (I know better, really) but in the mean time, you think my family would catch on and work with me a bit.  Normally, I guess you could say I am a high energy kind of person. I get a lot accomplished most days.  When I get like this, however, I pretty much need a nap after a shower.  It’s unusual and definitely noticeable.

So, why write? Ummm . . . Dan is coming home tomorrow.  I haven’t seen him since May. I am really excited about him and my mom skydiving and the bbq and/or wake that will follow on Saturday.  I’m even making little fondant thingies for the cake Mike is planning. 

Ian and Tim haven’t been around much due to work and school and them having lives and all of that.  Andy is around all the time (talking) because he is 13, has a broken collarbone and no life.  I’m trying to get things done. Lately, getting dinner made is a big deal.  I can’t bring myself to go nap on the laundry pile just yet, but I’m sure it’s huge.

Tonight, one of the boys (who shall remain nameless) actually came home, dug through the fridge while I told him his many delicious, tasty options for dinner.  He heaved a sigh, closed the fridge and proceeded to sigh AGAIN and make a peanut butter sandwich.  I re-mentioned the chicken and sides in the fridge.  His answer?  “I’m just not feeling the chicken, Mom.”  Are you flipping kidding me?????  

Those of you with younger children who still get weepy at the thought of them going off to college or whatever? This is one of those moments when you KNOW it’s time for the kid to go live on his own. Not feeling the chicken, my ass.  You go buy the chicken.  You cook the chicken.  You feel the chicken. You eat the damned chicken.  

Still, I have missed Danny (who lives on his own and cooks his own damned chicken).  I’m looking forward to a fun weekend.  I can feel the iron kicking in so I hope I can stay awake for most of it.

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