I win!

I have the coolest mom ever.  I should have said that about 35 years ago, but here it is now.  This morning Dan and my mom, aka Bing, celebrated their Sept 4/5 birthdays by skydiving.  They left here around 8 am, both looking a little gray, but in good spiritis.  Andy and I waited until about 8:30 to leave.  :::sigh:::: I got lost, of course, so we missed it all.  Fortunately, Deland Skydiving takes care of this stuff.  

By the time we caught up with Dan and my mom, they were celebrating in the bar/restaurant.  Dan bought my mom a Bloody Mary – breakfast of champions!  They were so excited and happy.  I’m just floored that my mom jumped out of a plane – on purpose!  Dan, I kind of expect that from him, but MY MOM????  She’s already talking about her next jump!  

Here are some pictures to give you a feel for their adventure!  Honestly, how many people can say they spent their 21st birthday skydiving with their grandma?  How awesome is that????? 

Dan is ready to go!

So they threw him out of the plane!

Bing might be having second thoughts.  Unfortunately? Lucky? for her that cute guy behind her is strapped to her back.  Don’t tell my dad, but they’re talking marriage . . . 

And, she jumps!!!!!!

Dan lands safely!

Bing lands safely.  

More tomorrow!

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