It’s all too fast!

Time seems to be hurtling by WAY faster than usual.  It seems like just a day or two ago that Danny was home jumping out of and airplane with my mom.  It’s close to two weeks!  How????  At this rate I’m going to miss Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

I don’t have much to show for the time, lots of school with Andy.  He still cannot do much else, so I’m cramming as many lessons into him as he can stand.  So far, eighth grade is looking far more promising than seventh.  I actually got weepy because he math was so good the other day.  Who knows, maybe he won’t end up as the greeter at WalMart? We’re all hoping the doctor gives him the all-clear for full activities on the 24th. Stir crazy is too mild a word for Andy’s state these days.

Dan is back in school and busy, busy, busy. He bought Tim’s scooter/moped and took that back to Tallahassee with him.  After two years on a bike, he is in heaven.  Tim hated the scooter and I think is glad to get a good portion of his money back.  I do think it’s more suited to a college town like Tallahassee.  

Tim is also back to school.  He has a plan!!!!  He should enter the Univ. of Central Florida’s School of Education this summer.  Yay! I think he will make an excellent teacher and he’s excited to get started. He’s picked up a second job at Publix grocery store. It’s a great place to work and they pay fairly well.

Ian leaves for Europe in 19 days. Wah! I have to say, though, he’s organized.  There are checklists all over his room, supplies are stacked and marked and he even has a little black book with important notes.  Despite the best preparations, though, you cannot anticipate everything.  Ian came home yesterday with a rash. I looked at it.  It looked a lot like chicken pox, just grosser.  Yep.  Ian’s got shingles.  The doctor seems to think he caught it early and he’s taking big doses of an anti-viral now. Cross your fingers it clears up and he’s pain-free by October 1. 

Not much else is new around here.  Mike is submerged in football-world between coaching and trying to keep up with all of his favorite teams on television. I am walking the fine line between crazy and rubber-room crazy that seems to be common among most women my age. Everyday is new adventure in mental health. Who knew there were so many Amy’s in here??? 

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