This hit a nerve . . .

You may have seen this on Facebook, but it was new to me this evening.  A group? mob? of 300 teenagers decided to have a party in a house that was empty.  They trashed the house – they left their trash, they peed on carpets, they spray-painted walls, they basically defiled the entire house.  And, while they did this, they took time to take pictures and post them on Facebook and to use Twitter to spread their actions around.  

The owner of the house is far nicer than I would be.  He started a page called “Save the 300.” He said he was thinking as a parent. He doesn’t want these kids to move on thinking it’s okay to do this kind of thing. He still has not pressed charges against any of them.  

Some of the parents of these animals/teens are looking to sue the homeowner.  Truly, they are.  One, lawyers have a bad enough reputation.  The lawyers taking on these cases have dragged lawyers down at least 10 steps further.  Two, WTF???  (Yes, I mean that exactly, this is no why-the-face scenario.) 

I saw this editorial  denouncing what these kids did.  But, I hate the line in the editorial that says Look, I don’t blame you for what your kids did.  Heck, I don’t even really blame them.  Teens will be teens, and they do stupid things sometimes.” 

Ummm … no.  Teens can be stoopid, but this is beyond the pale.  300 kids and not ONE parent knew where their kid was or what these kids were up to????  Are you kidding me?  The homeowner offered the families and their kids a chance to help him clean up and make amends.  ONE family showed up.  One family in 300 actually has a concept of shame? The rest? They want to sue or are simply sheltering their kids from blame. 

My kids are always saying I’m too hard on them. When they screw up, I make sure they own up. Yes, it’s horrifying and embarrassing – that’s kind of the point.  But, what do you do when 299 sets of parents do nothing, feel no shame, feel no need to make their kids do right? How do you tell your own kid he WILL do right.  The rules are the rules – and I am talking about basic human decency rules, nothing fancy like butter knives and spoons go the right of the plate, forks to the left.  They apply to everyone.  If you are my kid, you are NOT the exception.  

But, 299 kids did not show up to help clean up the mess they made.  Are they ALL so exceptional? I hope college admission boards check their Facebook pages and everything else – no one is THAT speshul. What kind of adults will they become? What kind of “adults” are their parents?  
Ugh.Stuff like this makes me so sad.

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