The house feels so empty. I suppose that will only get worse in the coming years – you know, until I get me some granddaughters! (I am in no rush there.)  But, Ian is off!!! He should be more than half-way to Ireland right now.  I managed to hold it together driving him to the airport and seeing him off.  And, after I had hugged him, taken his picture, hugged him again, I was okay.  I had to stand on tiptoe to give him a decent hug and kiss and it occurred to me that he was fine.  He’s a grown up man who has managed to accomplish a lot thus far, including planning and paying for this adventure.  

I must have looked kind of sad, though.  Before he walked into the airport, Ian came back and asked if I wanted him to call (a short quick call lol) to let me know he’d arrived at his hostel in Dublin.  I’m no stranger to 3 am so I gave him another hug.  I do love him.  That was a sweet, unexpected gesture – he knows me well.  

So now, I’m knitting and catching up on laundry and waiting for Ian to call.  The yarn I’m using is a funky yarn that looked pretty on the skein in Joann’s.  Now, it’s kind of creeping me out – I feel like I’m knitting with koala fur and I am pretty sure that’s not legal.  And, now that it’s in my head, it’s kind of gross.  Do koala’s make noises? If so don’t tell me or I’ll hear that with every stitch.  

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