A life of drive-by’s

Drive-by’s, you ask?  This is a drive-by post.  Since my last post I’ve been fighting miserable allergies and gooey eyes. It’s gross and disheartening at the same time.  Cross your fingers I can get my act together this week or Andy might be doomed to repeat the 8th grade. All I am hoping for is the ability to stay awake AND be able to see clearly.  

Drive-by #2 – Ian called last Sunday.  So far, he is totally enjoying his experience.  I “talked” to him late this week via Facebook and again today (sort of) via FB.  He’s hit a couple of lonely points, but is having way more fun than anything else.  I am so jealous of him and so proud of him and so …. wahhhhh – I miss him.(Ahem, sorry about that.) 

Drive-by #3 – Dan showed up this weekend. He arrived here around 2:30 pm Saturday and left around 9:00 am Sunday.  We managed to pick up some warmer clothes that Dan will need way UP NORTH (Tallahassee – really, it does get cold there) and Dan took over guiding Andy through shopping for jeans that did not cost $50 (as Andy is growing about 3″ per day lately) and that fit.  For that, I am grateful.  We had a fun, if short, visit.  Waaahhh – I miss him too.  

Zoomed-by – A little different than a drive-by, but there’s still that let down feeling.  Last Sunday, I went with my two neighbor buddies, one of their daughters and my mom for dinner at the yummy Vietnamese place and then a trip to see Mama Mia at our local house of theater.  My neighbor and I bought tickets back in May? to surprise our other neighbor (who had never been to a live theater anything) for her birthday.  Such a long wait.  So much fun.  And now it’s over.  I need another fun surprise for someone. 

And, just a big old WAAAHHH – this is the first year I will not have a kid trick or treating!  Who needs a costume?  Seriously.  If you want or need help, let me know. I’m sore confused about what to do with October.  Mike refuses to dress up and Cally, the dog, is not interested in hoop skirts or hats or even zombie makeup. 

After nearly 20 years of constant movement and chaos, I find myself confused and bored and sort of sad, sort of proud and just waahhhh . . .

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