Venit. Vidit. Vicit.

He came. He saw. He conquered.  

In my mind, Ian getting on a plane alone to travel to Dublin and then all over Europe was one of the bravest, most exciting things ever. I don’t think I could have done the same at 19.  Thus, far, he’s been adjusting, seeing lots and having fun. Today, though, Ian called from Rome.  He had just arrived after a long train trip.  He was exhausted and discouraged and homesick.  

I tried to encourage him to get to bed early and sleep, sleep, sleep and then getting up to go for a great breakfast before he did anything rash, like getting on a plane home.  He agreed.  I called Mike and cried because that’s my baby and he’s far away and he’s sad and I can’t fix it.  All that accomplished was to make Mike sad because he can’t fix it either.  Nice, huh?

About an hour later, Ian called back.  He sounded a little better.  We talked a little and I tried to help him make a plan for the morning.  After we talked the second time, I felt better and I think Ian did too.  I hope to hear from him tomorrow.  In the meantime, he could use some encouragement. 

If you have time, leave a comment or even a bit of advice to help Ian get over this hump please? You can leave a comment here on the blog or on Facebook.  If you have a funny picture or something to make him smile, all the better.  

I’m going to go back to pacing and waiting for it to be morning in Rome. 

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