Dear Ian, Love Mom, Dad, Dan, Tim and Andy and Cally

Hi Ian, 

In case you’ve forgotten how weird I am, I thought I would remind you in pictures.  Every night, I check where you are and when you head somewhere new, Andy moves “Flat Ian” on the map and I put something on the chalkboard to let Dad and Tim know where you are when they get up in the morning. 

It was Bing’s idea to take pictures.  The first black board was Paris.  I labeled it Paris-Ian.  Eiffel Tower and a picture of you with a little beret I made.  

This is the one for Monaco – end of the day, it’s smudgy.

I know!  I thought it up all by myself.  

For your travel day . . . wish you’d had a better day, but Venit. Vidit. Vicit. Today will be a better day.  

See?  I dressed up Flat Ian in a toga – with a Caesar crown and everything.  (Ignore Andy.  He saw this when he got up this morning and thought I was giving Flat Ian mold since you probably weren’t getting regular showers. You’re not moldy, are you?)

You have so many people cheering you on!  You can do this.  We love you. (But, I love you the most. Because I’m like that.)

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