Ian called this morning (Rome time) and he sounded so much more like himself.  We talked for a bit.  I felt confident that he sounded pretty confident. A good night’s sleep has amazing healing properties, huh? (It was 3:30 am here).  Normally, I would have talked longer, but I was due to drive my parents to the airport (why does everyone else go places????) at 6:45.  He started out with a good breakfast and a plan. Can’t ask for much more than that, right?

Back in Florida, I was feeling virtuous going to bed at midnight. I could not fall asleep, thinking of Ian and then eventually projecting everything awful that might happen to everyone in the world (individually, mind you) over the next 20 or so years. While I thought, I stared at Mike willing him to wake up or even move. The man is truly unconscious once he’s asleep.  I fell asleep about 30 minutes prior to Ian’s call. 

After talking to Ian, I felt relieved for him (and me).  We agreed that I would call him at 4 pm Rome time to see how the day had progressed.  It was now nearly 4 am.  I debated going back to bed.  Someday I will learn that when I have to debate myself, I should side with the opposition.  In this case, the opposition was saying, just stay up, do some laundry, get a jump on the day’s meals, do NOT go back to bed.  I went back to bed.  

Imagine my joy and surprise when my phone rang at 6:30 (according to my lame clock anyway) with my mom announcing that she and my dad were outside and where the hell was I?????  (Yes, my parents were pleased. But, my mom did not actually say “Where the hell are you?” She’s way nicer than that.) The rest of the clocks in the house told me it was really 6:45. Ugh and oops. God bless overalls.  I pulled my overalls on, smushed down my hair, grabbed a Diet Coke and ran out to the car.  Funny how parents ALWAYS have that effect on their kids – no matter how old and wrinkled the “kids” get.  Oh well . . . we made it in plenty of time for their flight.  Luckily, they are coming home in the evening.  Evenings and late nights?  I can do that without screwing it up.  

I got home and decided NOT to go back to bed, even though Andy was sleeping peacefully and Tim was getting ready to head off to his class.  I wanted to make sure Ian was okay.  I got a roast started for vegetable soup – you know, because early mornings can be chilly here (yes, 68 is chilly). Then, I headed for the shower thinking, once again, “How am I married to someone who gets up on purpose at 4:30 every morning????)  The shower helped.  I started a load of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, and all that fun morning stuff . . . 

I sat down to check out Andy’s math for the past two days.  And THIS is why I generally don’t try to do things in the early morning.  I corrected his math using the wrong key.  By the time poor Andy strolled into the kitchen, I was convinced I’d failed to teach him fractions or decimals or even right and left.  He got me straightened out.  ::::sigh:::: Andy is actually having a very good math year thus far. But, in the back of my head I was thinking, “You incompetent woman, there is no way you raised a boy capable of traveling to Europe on his own.” Honestly! 

I had Andy try to call Ian.  Andy really, really misses him and I figured they could talk for a bit before I started nagging.  No answer.  Me?  My stomach sank. I was wondering what the police in Rome would think if I called them to look for a mid-sized, American boy with very blue eyes, light brown hair and a backpack.  And, once they found him, could they make him call me????  Andy?  “I’ll bet you ten bucks he’s somewhere at the Vatican and can’t answer the phone without being rude.”  I’m glad I didn’t take the bet.

Didn’t hear from Ian until 5:30 pm EST.  He had a GREAT DAY!  He even ate gelato, twice.  He WAS in the Sistine Chapel when we called him.  This morning he linked up with a group of people from his hostel and they did a guided tour. (He said he was astounded by how beautiful it was and hated the feeling of being herded through, but still, he was happy to have seen it.) After that, it sounds like they ate their way through Rome, circled the Coliseum in the early evening – Ian was awed by it. More eating, more sights.  It was 11:30 his time when he called and he was headed out to dinner with his group. He sounded like “my Ian.” I’m so relieved and happy that he’s embracing this trip and not giving up!!!!!!  

Thank you all for your support and humor and tips!  I think tonight, I will sleep well.  Finally.  

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